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About myself and MarksaneringsInfo

MarksaneringsInfo has the aim to function as an entrance to the area of soil remediation in Sweden. The work with the website is done in my spare time. As I don't have the possibility to work full time with the site the updates might be a bit irregular.

Feel free to contact by mail if you have questions or suggestions for the website. It is also possible to advertise on the site.

E-mail: info@marksaneringsinfo.net

Presentation of the person behind

My name is Krister Honkonen and I have a Masters degree in geology from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. I specialized in quaternary- and marine geology but happened to get stuck in the field of soil remediation in 1997 and have been working with it since then. 

I started up at the County Administrative Board in Jönkoping, then in a soil remediation company with soil washing and from 2000 and on I have been working for the City of Gothenburg at the Property Management Office in Gothenburg. My responsiblity is to keep track of contaminated sites owned by the city and have the sites investigated and remediated when needed in the process of developing housing and commercial areas in the city.

From October 1st 2010 I work at COWI AB in Göteborg as environmental consultant.

I have also been involved in various groups during this time. The most important was being involved in the startup of the Swedish network Renare Mark in 2001.

Please visit my profile on LinkedIn for more information.


October 28, 2014